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The Full Story


The Social Innovation Tech Summit 2018 was held in Melbourne, Victoria and had over 40 expert speakers and 220 delegates come together for a day of purpose-driven thought leadership. 


The Event Overview:

This event was held almost 2 years before Covid19 changed the face of our planet. At the time, we believed we were at a paradoxical point in history, where humanity was facing its greatest challenges and most significant opportunities. Little did we know what was about to hit....

Digital technologies continue to transform our individual and collective human experience, which is why we believed (and still believe) we should come together to harness technology as a tool for social innovation.


Social innovation requires input from every sector, including Academia, Government, Industry, Corporate and Social Enterprise, Investment, Philanthropy and Non-Profits. Yet, we continued to see silo’s of data and limited shared learnings across sectors, thus slowing our social progress.  We therefore aimed to effectively engage all members of society in order to increase capabilities for coordinating our collective efforts. 


The Social Innovation Tech Summit brought together some of Australia’s Social Innovation Leaders across multiple sectors to to share how their efforts and emerging technologies were redefining business, society, and humanity. 

What did we cover?

We explored the kind of dedicated attention and focussed efforts that technologies which solve social problems require, as well as stimulating increased understandings on their design, implementation, commercialisation, and considerations and evaluations of their impact. 


We heard from thought leaders who had focal areas spanning across environmental sustainability, housing, asylum seeker integration, research commercialisation, the changing job market, automation and artificial intelligence. 


We also provided specific opportunities for the seeding of connections between various stakeholders of the Australian Social Innovation Ecosystem who came to our event, encouraging cross sector collaboration and intrapreneurship within the corporate and government sectors. 


Come and meet us at our next event!

We are re-launching the network in beautiful Byron Bay on Nov 16th, 2023 with the Change Makers Galleria. 

The event intention is to rally the brightest minds in Australia together for a night of purpose, connection and entertainment.

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